WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Boxing, it’s a passion Emmanuel Carrillo has had since he can remember.

“It helps when your dad is a three-time golden glove champion. I grew up with it. He’s been my coach since I was little,” Carrillo said.

Between dieting, training, Carrillo said being disciplined is worth it. The five time regional Golden Gloves champion and seven time USA national champion is fighting in the state Golden Gloves tournament final with a spot for nationals on the line in Philadelphia.

“It was my first time fighting as an elite male, which is when I fight people 18 and older, adults really. It was kind of nerve-racking my first elite fight, I went in it and fought someone that was 26,” Carrillo said. “It’d be a pleasure to represent Wichita Falls. Not only Wichita Falls but the state of Texas at the national Golden Gloves tournament. I’ve done it before in the Junior Olympic tournament. I’m a two-time gold medalist at the Junior Olympics. So, I’ve represented Texas before.”

Before he left for Forth Worth, Carrillo showed me a few things. With our hands wrapped, we hit the heavy bag.

“Training nonstop, day and night, before school after school, dieting doing all that it’s all led up to this. So, it’s worth it. Exhaustion is worth it,” Carrillo said.

The stakes are higher than ever before, but Carrillo knows he’ll be ready when the bell rings.

“Punches are harder, it’s a bigger crowd and it means more now. Now that I’m able to advance, go to state now and hopefully nationals so it means more,” Carrillo said.

Carrillo fights Saturday, March 18, against a boxer from San Antonio. We wish him the best!