WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—A local boy scout troop is asking the community and law enforcement for help after a trailer was stolen from the troop’s property last weekend. Scoutmaster John Cook said the church that shares the same property as the troop’s building doesn’t have cameras on that side of the building, they’re now left with only questions and no answers.

After being established way back in 1916, Troop One has played a crucial role in the growth and development of young men in Wichita Falls, something Cook said will be a little more difficult to do after a trailer full of equipment was stolen from their property.

“We discovered on Sunday morning that our troop trailer was stolen. It was a 16-foot aluminum trailer that we had. Luckily, not all of our gear was in it, but we did have a lot of stuff from our scout hut,” Cook said.

Cook said his troops spent years raising funds in order to purchase the trailer, which originally cost roughly $6,500, but with inflation, it’s going to cost nearly $10,000 to replace, putting a big damper on future plans.

“That trailer we use for all of our campouts. We were going to haul it to West Virginia in July for the national jamboree. We have 41 scouts going, and that was going to haul all the gear up there,” Cook said.

And with nearly five months before their big trip, Cook is hoping the community will step up and help them.

“So we have started a GoFundMe. We started that last night, mainly because, as I said, is self-fundraising around here. That’s about two years’ worth of self-fundraising to replace that, and we really need a new trailer before June,” Cook said.

Cook said they’ve already started to see donations pour in, which he says speaks volumes about Wichita Falls and surrounding communities.

“Scouting is supported by our community, and right now, we’re out there selling camp cards. That’s to fundraise for local troops before the jamboree. Everyone’s really supportive of scouting, so that’s what makes it possible because every time we do a fundraiser, people support us,” Cook said.

And it’s that continued support that leads Cook to believe they’ll have the funds raised in no time.

If you would like to help this troop purchase a new trailer, click here.