WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The owner of A Shed Shack is using his business to help the many animal shelters in our community.

He’s asking the community to come out and help him fill the shed with pet supplies to donate to local shelters.

Carl Uline says he just wanted to do some good for these shelters and the many animals they care for.

Helping out the community has always been important to Carl Uline and he says being able to use his business, A Shed Shack, for a good cause is something he’s always wanted to do.

“We were going to do a food drive but everybody else does food drives and I see a lot on Facebook and stuff where the shelters are always asking for help so I figured why not do a pet drive to help the local shelters,” Uline said.

That’s when he started the “Fill The Shed” donation station. It’s a shed where members of the community can drop off pet supplies that’ll go to various local animal shelters and they are supplies that are surely in demand.

“The most is kitty litter, blankets, beds bowls and then, of course, the food but a lot of them also ask for medicines,” Uline said.

And some even ask for cleaning products and paper towels, all things Uline says he knows these shelters will be glad to receive.

“I have gotten quite a bit of feedback that they’re all very thankful, and I’m doing this for us too because so this way we know that those animals may eat a little better because of us,” Uline said.

And the support from the community, Uline says, has meant so much.

“We’ve gotten quite a few calls from around here but we also, because us being a business we have friends that have friends that are miles away and we’ve had some people buy off of Amazon and stuff and have it shipped from us from one hundred miles away,” Uline said.

Now he just wants to ask the community for one last round of support.

“This is our last week we’re ending it Friday night when we close so if people would please do a big push and get more stuff here we’d appreciate it, as would the rescues,” Uline said.

A simple donation that will help our shelters get some much-needed assistance.

Uline says he plans to do more of these drives in the future and that you can drop off your donation anytime at 4608 Barnett Road this week during their business hours from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.