WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Most small business ideas start out as dreams and never make it off the ground.

Sarah Williams, CEO of Framed and Launch your Box, started her businesses from the ground up and wants to pass on her knowledge to those who might want to start their own.

“This book is basically the journey that I went on as a small business owner when I started my subscription box,” said Williams. “How I built that box, how I scaled that box, the marketing, the logistics, all the things that you need to learn to build a subscription box business. All of the self-doubt that I faced at every step of the way came through in this book, so it’s my journey.”

Williams actively teaches classes about how to succeed and start your business. She currently has 4,000 students learning ways to start their own subscription boxes.

She feels this book is an extension of the classes she teaches and outlines a path to success.

“I put it all in the book— there’s nothing spared in this book,” said Williams. “You’re going to learn how I did it, and then you’re going to learn like the practical action ways that you can do it, too. That’s how I pass it on.”

The biggest issue she sees is new owners getting discouraged over little losses early on in business development.

She notes, as long as you keep winning, they will add up to reach a higher level of success.

“It’s okay if I fail at the next step because that’s going to teach me something,” said Williams. “You just have to win more than you lose. If you continue to win more than you lose, you’re going to keep making progress. All those little steps add up to big wins and and just don’t give up on yourself.”

Her book can be found in her storefront located at 4031 Sport Street and online.