Local cancer survivor starts wig donation project

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Many people battling cancer not only deal with their illness but also the side-effects from treatment like lack of energy and hair loss. 

But a local project could help those struggling with cancer feel at least, a little better. 

This story really started before a cancer survivor began raising money to buy wigs to give away to those who have cancer through the American Cancer Society.

It’s called The Bella Rosa Project. 

Staci Tucker’s journey began after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2016, and due to the cancer treatments, she began to lose her hair.

“One day I was back here trying to find a wig for myself and Patsy is a volunteer here and she was helping me. We found one but it wasn’t just right,” Tucker said. “I went up to the front and started talking with my aunt and I said, ‘You know, when I get to feeling better I think it would be great if we could donate and give back.”

It wasn’t long after that she found her wig ‘Bella,’  which means beautiful.
“Being a stylist, me having to style her every day, she became this person almost, and I named her ‘Bella,'” Tucker said. “She made me feel beautiful when the inside wasn’t feeling so beautiful.”

Also helping these women feel beautiful by finding the right wig are the volunteers with American Cancer Society.  

“We bring patients back here and visit with them. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, they have a lot of needs,” Wanda Teichman, Cancer Resource Center Volunteer, said. “You get this diagnosis and it’s overwhelming at the time.”

Teichman said the new wigs from The Bella Rosa Project will give the wig room more variety and offer the younger girls more natural looking choices.  

“I love it. It is so fulfilling to be able to help somebody look more like themselves again. Everybody is so self-conscious when they lose their hair and just getting the perfect wig makes them so happy,” Teichman said. 

While tucker has leaned on her wig ‘Bella’ to get through the tough times, she said it was the kind hearts of her family, her friends and the community that got her through. 

“I didn’t really realize how many people are so giving and caring until you go through something like this,” Tucker said. “I learned all that through all this. Cancer does a lot of bad things, but it lifts you up in so many wonderful ways. You have to look at all the positive things that come out of this.”

The positive things like family, friends and wig named ‘Bella.’

Along with offering free wigs like the ones donated by The Bella Rosa Project, the American Cancer Society offers many other services like offering rides to and from chemo treatments. You can find all of those services here.

While Bella means beautiful, rosa means pink which was chosen for the name in honor of breast cancer awareness. 

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