One local church has been hosting guest speakers for the past few days, helping students focused on school and spirituality. The Young Speakers’ Meeting is something the Crestview Church of Christ has been doing for ten years now, preparing students for the new school year.

“We have been doing this in August of every year just before school starts to give our young people a little refresher and encouragement, a little boost to start a new school year. We design topics that are pertinent to young people, that are specifically encouraging to them and building up their faith,” Evangelist at Crestview Church of Christ Jimmy Cating said.

Benjamin Burns was the guest speaker for these meetings and he said he enjoys having the chance to speak at other churches 

“In between the home and the traveling, I get to help brethren in other parts of the country,” Burns said. “I get to contribute in ways I might not get to contribute by staying home and that is what I love most about it. The Lord has blessed me tremendously, my wife and I both and continues to give us opportunities where we can hold these meetings and study with brethren while we are here.”

Marcus Mathis works with students a lot and he hopes this will help those who participated make better decisions.

 “Growing up I wasn’t a part of this congregation, so I made a lot of decisions that weren’t pleasing to God,” Mathis said. “As a result, I have experiences that aren’t pleasing. I feel that if these young men and women hear the principals from god and apply it to their life at a young age then they are on a better path when they get older.”

Those involved are hoping the things taught during these meetings will stick with the students and others who heard the message

“It’s very easy when it comes to high school or college for that matter to forget about our roles in the Lord’s service,” Burns said. “And I hope that the people here, especially the young people, can take away a few reminders, that regardless if you are in this meeting, Sunday worship or in the context of school and education environments that the lord has expectations of us and he gives us the tools and abilities to fulfill those expectations.”

With the Young Speakers’ Meeting now done, those at the church are hopeful the students are ready to have another good and blessed school year.