WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Friends and family gathered at Southwest Baptist Church to celebrate Frank Parkinson’s birthday.

When it came to meeting Frank, a firm handshake might not make you think he was born 100 years ago.

“I’ll say one thing, the Lord has certainly blessed me. Can’t deny that,” Parkinson said.

And the Lord has.

Frank flew two missions on D-Day in 1944. The Wichita Falls native was a B-24 gunner in the 448th Air Group, 712th Squadron in the U.S. 8th Air Corps.

“The good Lord took care of me while I was over there. That’s the main thing. I did what I was asked to do, served where I was supposed to serve, and kind of the way the world goes if you’re in some of their grips,” Parkinson said.

In May 2018, Frank and his son Craig visited the D-Day site and a stop in Germany. Parkinson received the French Medal of Honor during a ceremony.

“And visit some of the places in Germany, the cemetery. Where they launched the boat and they come, went up the hill our people. Life itself,” Parkinson said. “Feel good. Feeling real good. I’m surprised there’s this many people that showed up but I love it.”

Frank said living a good life and taking care of yourself are the main things to live a long happy life.

Southwest Baptist Church held the coming-and-going party for Frank on Saturday, but his actual birthday is February 6.

We here at Texoma’s Homepage wish him a very happy birthday!