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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — While several businesses across the nation are struggling to hire employees, one local business is getting creative with its hiring process.

There’s just not enough time to talk about all of the incentives that Frank and Joe’s offer to their employees, from college tuition reimbursement to mental health counseling to even just randomly handing out cash to their employees.

Co-founder Jessica Edwards said what their doing has proven to be beneficial for not only employees but the business as a whole.

When it comes to running a business, Edwards said employee morale is at the top of their list.

“Our business model is about customer service. So, if we have employees that are happy and want to be here, that’s going to attract our customers, and that’s going to let our customers know that our employees are happy and want to be here,” Edwards said.

Which is why Edwards has been offering incentives for her employees like employee referrals, meaning if an employee gets a friend hired on at Frank and Joe’s they’ll see a hefty extra five hundred dollars on their next check.

“What we had to do is we decided to get creative and try to be different from what everybody else is doing so that we can offer better incentives for people to want to come work for us,” Edwards said.

Something that Edwards said isn’t going to stop because of the amount of success she’s had with incentives like random cash flashes where on a busy day, employees are randomly handed cash to keep which Edwards said has a positive impact on the employees.

“It really just shows your employees that you care about them and that you appreciate them and that you’re understanding what they’re going through because when you are on a shift and there are not enough people to work that shift but the demand is still the same, it’s showing them that hey I know you’re struggling I know it’s going to be a hard shift but we care about you,” Edwards said.

If that’s not enough, they even reimburse their employees going through college up to 47-hundred dollars for their tuition.

Edwards said she hopes this creates a chain reaction throughout the community.

“When Wichita Falls succeeds we all succeed and if we’re just a really great place to work hopefully we’ll get those people moving in from out of town that knows Wichita Falls does things differently and they want to come work for us,” Edwards said.

Edwards said they are actually hiring right now for anyone interested, and the incentives they offer seem to be working seeing that they will be celebrating 5 years of success coming up in July, make sure to follow our Facebook page for more details on their “Cheers to 5 Years” event.

If you would like to apply, click here.

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