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This week, Dexter has hosted a group of computer science majors from MSU.  And, also there a software developer in office, and one available through video to show the students just exactly what’s possible.

Michael Olaya’s not only very excited about his tech company’s future from downtown Wichita Falls he’s excited about the opportunity to offer potential tech leaders of the future a more hands on experience.

 “We have a CTO here, chief technology officer, of a software company that develops real estate software,” Olaya said. “They are actually going in getting their hands dirty building a real application. It’s not about theory it’s more about hands on application, a product that people will actually be using. It’s something that will be directly applicable when they want to get a job or if they want to start their own company.”

All week, a software developer from Houston helped the students create a wide range of websites.

 “We are using this platform called Zapier and what it does, it pretty much puts two or three more applications together to come up with a result,” said Brian Dekyi, a junior at MSU. “For example, my first project I was able to combine New York Times and my Gmail. So, two articles come into my Gmail at 7 every morning.

 “We use a Pokemon API,” said Cavaughn Browne, a recent graduate of MSU. “It acts like a database of information for Pokemon. What it does is sort through that database to output information that would be useful to people who play Pokemon.”

“It’s helped me a lot,” Dekyi said. “I see a bigger perspective of what to expect when i get out of school and work with a team, see how it feels. The ups and downs.”

And, with these websites up and running, the knowledge these students have gained may now help others.

“After this I could probably hit up my team and we could see what we could do to further improve our applications and see what we could do from there,” Dekyi said. “We could probably present it to a big company. See where it goes from there.”

Whether or not these students go on to use their new websites, they agree, skills learned this week from software engineers are invaluable and should go a long way in their future careers, not so far away.

Starting tomorrow, Dexter’s going to begin a class teaching adults the programming language that Facebook and Google use to develop AI.

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