WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — For most of us, if a doctor was to say that we may need to get our legs cut off, our lives would probably come to a standstill. That isn’t the case for Kelvin Hall, who is a double amputee, but even that isn’t slowing him down from living a full life.

When you hop inside of an Uber or a Lyft, you usually don’t expect your driver to have a story quite like this one.

“One guy told me that being in a Lyft and being in an Uber is like being at the bar because he gets in and he complains like he does with a bartender, and I said God is still good, God is still in control of everything, and I said I’m driving and I don’t even have legs, and he said, ‘What?’,” Hall said.

Meet Kelvin Hall, a Wichita Falls native who you may have seen around town preaching or perhaps driving for Lyft, but something that catches most of his riders by surprise is the fact that he’s missing both legs.

“Most people, they look at me, believe that I’m a veteran,” Hall said. “They say, ‘You’ve been in a war?’ I say, ‘No, I’m just hardheaded.’ I was sick and became diabetic.”

Hall’s complications with his diabetes ultimately led to doctors having to amputate both of his legs, but even a diagnosis like that hasn’t stopped Hall one bit. He said it’s the people he meets along the way and his loved ones that keep him going.

“It didn’t stop me, just watching my dad work through all kinds of things, I didn’t know we were poor,” Hall said. “My dad always got up and went to work, and watching him get up even through pain and stuff, or if he was hurting, he never complained, and me and my brothers adopted that.”

Two prosthetics are what keep Hall standing these days, those and his very strong faith.

“Every day is a brand new day,” Hall said. “This day you can’t get back, this moment that we’re in, we can’t get back ’cause every moment is a brand new one; time doesn’t go around in circles, time is a straight line.”

When he isn’t driving, you can find him in his office, where he cleans and even builds firearms for local agencies.

“Being sick to me is, you can’t move, you can’t do anything, so if I feel just a little something, to me you still can move, you still can go, you still can go do what you have to do, so I don’t really know how to act sick,” Hall said.

Though we all go through things, Hall said it’s how we react and move forward that’ll make all the difference in your life.

“Some things are out of our control, so there’s no sense in getting upset with it,” Hall said. “My legs got cut off, there’s no sense in me getting upset that my legs got cut off because they’re not growing back, so you overcome and adapt.”

Hall said he encourages everyone to put their best foot forward and beat all the odds against them.