A local roofing company is going the extra mile to help a local veteran. Armored Roofing Company gave out a free roof today to the Denton family from Iowa Park following a contest.

Folks with Armored Roofing say Jimmy and Valerie Denton are survivors and couldn’t be happier to help.

“This doesn’t help us out so much as it helps the homeowners and Mr. And Mrs. Denton were able to get homeowners insurance now. It was holding them back. They weren’t able to get homeowners insurance and now they can,” office manager Katie Clymer said. 

Clymer said they are happy they could give back.

 “To give back to someone in Wichita County was a really big thing for us to do. Mr. Denton is a veteran and he’s had some health issues and he’s overcome them and he’s just a fighter and so is Ms. Denton. We are really happy that we could help them.” Clymer said. 

We also wanted to wish Mrs. Denton a belated birthday. She celebrated yesterday!
A new roof is not a bad birthday gift!