CLAY COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Early Fourth of July celebrations started at Kings Good Vineyard and Berry Farm with a fundraiser for Holy Family Classical Academy’s upcoming school year.

“This is a general fundraiser for our school. It’s just a good opportunity for families to come and get together during the summer and you know have a good time kinda Fourth of July picnic style,” Jacob Morath said.

During the event, families were seen playing with their kids and enjoying the summer heat by picking out some blackberries.

Throughout the year, anyone can come and walk the vineyards to pick strawberries and blackberries depending on the season.

“About three or four years ago we started the Kings Good Vineyard and Berry Farm. We have strawberries in the spring that people can come pick, we have blackberries that are ripe from mid-June to mid-July, and we actually have grapes this will be the first year we have grapes they will come off in about two weeks,” Morath said.

A family-owned business which has taught Morath to be an expert at knowing when their harvest is ready to be picked.

“On blackberries, you want to make sure you just get the nice black ones. If they are red they are going to be really tart some people will think they are raspberries cause they are red but they are just not they are blackberries that haven’t ripe yet,” Morath said. “You also kinda have to look through the bushes and find them. They are kinda hidden in there but it is a lot of fun, it’s good for people to see how it grows.”

If you are looking for a unique experience to do this summer, check out Kings Good Vineyard and Berry Farm.

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