ARCHER COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — An Archer County farmer and his family are feeding hundreds throughout the area by giving them a place to buy local produce.

Tom Morath and his daughter Baylee Morath are the faces behind Morath Vegetables in Scotland.

Even in the heat, you can find Tom Morath in the garden. In fact, Morath said the heat this year might be beneficial to crops.

“The crop is going to be better,” Tom said. “A lot of it likes the heat, so when it doesn’t rain as much, there’s not as many weeds, water bill goes up.”

Baylee has been helping her dad garden since she was a child, and today her own kids help with the family business.

“I guess when I decided, [I was] about 8, I told my dad I was going to take over and take care of everything – well I guess I didn’t say I was going to take care of everything, but I was just going to take over everything and let him take care of everything,” Baylee said.

Tom has been gardening for 23 years, and this is only one of his two gardens providing vegetables for Texomans at their home and in farmers markets.

“When you buy local, or at your farmers market, you know who you’re buying from,” Tom said. “Through the grocery store, lots of people touch it, which adds to the expense of it all.”

The Moraths grow cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and more.

“We picked four pounds of cucumbers this morning; it just depends on what time of the year and what I’m picking,” Tom said. “I planted a half-acre of onions, and we’ll harvest those in a few weeks.”

As for this season, they’re expecting the best.

“We always plan for better than last year,” Tom said. “Everything looks good right now; a lot of the stuff I was ahead of last year, a lot of it I’m behind.”

Although the work is hard, Baylee said she really enjoys spending time with her father, and now this father-daughter duo can’t be stopped.

If you are interested in supporting Morath’s locally grown vegetables, click here.