WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Employees of local fireworks stands are braving the heat to get ready for the Fourth of July.

It’s not the Fourth of July in the United States without some fireworks, and many places in Texoma are getting fully stocked to receive buyers before the holiday.

“We are just stocking as fast as we can,” Rushing’s Pyrotechnics Owner Tyler Rushing said. “We got plenty of product this year and just trying to stay cool.”

For the past two years, many retailers faced delays and shortages due to Covid-19. Rushing said that this year there’s plenty of product to buy.

“There are a few items, such as Smoke Balls, we couldn’t get, little fire crackers were hard to get, but we got some,” Rushing said. “It’s just the shipping is outrageous for this year. I’m hoping it comes down next year, but you never know.”

With the continous increase in prices across the nation, Rushing said this is a challenge they’re facing, and they had to increase the price on some items.

“Shipping prices, everything has gone up tremendously; shipping compared to 2020 is up four times to what it was back then, so some people are going to have sticker shock,” Rushing said. “We tried to keep our prices as low as we possibly can, but we still had to go up a little bit. On some items, it only went up 2 dollars, some items went up by 8 dollars.”

Fireworks can be fun, but they’re also dangerous if not done correctly.

At Rushing’s Pyrotechnics, the safety of their customers is important. Rushing recommends always having water around when shooting fireworks up in the sky.

“[Be] Very cautious whenever you are shooting fireworks right now, especially with the winds; if the winds are anywhere 17 to 20, it’s pretty dangerous to shoot fireworks in that,” Rushing said. “If you are shooting fireworks, just always keep a water hose, anything that can put out a fire. We always use just the pressurized fire extinguisher; it’s really good to use, but just keep something on hand.”

Rushing’s Pyrotechnics will be open Friday, June 24, through the Fourth of July.