WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — With the holidays getting closer and closer families in need have always been on the search for food.

Local food banks are preparing to provide food for these families. Along with the food bank, local churches also do their part in helping make sure everyone is fed during the holiday season.

COVID-19 has plunged many families into needing food assistance that they may have never sought out before.

For associate pastor Chris Taylor of Evangel Church, he can relate to these people.

“I remember when I was an airman, active duty in the Philippines, living way overseas, there was times when I had to go and get food for my family. So what I feel like we’re doing at our church is just giving it back,” Taylor said.

Almost two years after the first case hit the U.S., the numbers for people needing help from food pantries has not changed much.

“The numbers have gotten kind of flat but they’re starting to pick back up and again, I think that is due to food costs. And a lot of people, even though they may be back at work, they’re struggling with paying their medical bills or other bills that they got behind on maybe being out of work because of COVID,” Wichita Falls Area Food Bank CEO Kara Nickens said.

November and December are the busiest times of the year for food pantries. And food shortages for green beans, corn and instant stuffing are plaguing the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank.

But officials hope the community can help donate and volunteer for those in need.

“The people that are receiving the food have been so grateful. We had a food distribution up here a few weeks ago, some people were in line two to three hours to get food but they are so thankful just to get anything. It’s a great community work to do,” Nickens said.

Evangel Church has a mobile pantry every third Saturday of each month that sees 400 to 500 people receiving food. That number doubles during November and December.

But with the mobile pantry, as well as the church’s turkey giveaway that they have been doing for twenty years, church members are happy to give back to people in need.

“The bible says to help others as you would want to be helped yourself and that’s what we do. Love others as we love ourselves and we love doing it,” Taylor said.

Helping others celebrate the holidays with full stomachs.

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