Local gas station victim of new credit card skimming scam

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NOCONA (KFDX/KJTL) — A local gas station owner is in disbelief after being the victim of a new type of credit card skimmer scam.

Owner of ‘One Stop Conoco and Fuel World’ Chris Petty received a call that one of his pumps may be compromised.

“One of the local banks contacted me and said that from their fraud department they could tell that the common denominator was my store,” Petty said.

Petty reached out to multiple groups to help him find the issue.

“We went out there with them,” Nocona Police Department Capt. Matthew Poole said. “We checked his seals, he called in some people from the state and Conoco to check his pumps. The techs did a search of all of his pumps and said there is no skimmer found.”

At the gas pump right behind the credit card reader is usually where credit card skimmers are. But that’s not where this one was. It was actually up in the computer system and that’s why owner Petty and others couldn’t find it.

“I’ve never seen one around here like this,” Poole said.

Although this one is rare, the Nocona PD has seen skimmers before.

“We’ve had some cases in the past of skimmers but its never been a huge issue,” Poole said. “For the most part people do try to check their seals around here, they try to maintain the integrity of their pumps. It just became an issue with his pump, there was locks that you could buy keys for online.”

To make sure this doesn’t happen again, Petty’s staff checks the pumps multiple times a day.

“At least four times a day,” Petty said. “The opening manager comes out and checks the pumps before we turn the lights on. She checks the pumps before she leaves and then the nighttime manager comes in. They check the pumps about an hour after they’ve been here and they check the pumps before they leave.”

To those affected by this scam, Petty would just like to say how sorry he is.

“I’m sorry,” Petty said. “I’m trying to personally apologize to everyone. Like I say, we are going to be very vigilant and do everything in our power to make sure this never happens again.”

This case is still under investigation. There are no suspects at this time but Poole said the police department is working to find who is responsible. Also, if you are worried about being a victim of this scam, click here for a possible solution.

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