WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s that special time of year, you know the time when we see all the little Girl Scouts ready to sell their beloved Girl Scout cookies! And, when you buy a box you’re actually supporting a much bigger cause!

For sisters Cheran and Chiana Hooper, it’s a time they always look forward to.

“Meeting all the new people, I have made so many memories of meeting veterans or people who have come from all across the country, selling on base and that is definitely an exciting experience you don’t really get to do that anywhere else,” Cheran said.

Cheran is an eight grade Girl Scout Cadette and big sister Chiana is a high school senior Girl Scout Ambassador. The two have been participating in Girl Scouts for as long as they can remember, and while they have different cookie preferences, one thing they definitely have in common is being grateful for the opportunities that Girl Scouts has offered them.

“Everybody likes them. I like the peanut butter patties,” Chiana said.

“Min has to be the thin mints, the original,” Cheran said. “To find a sister in every Girl Scout. Girl Scouts is a safe place for young girls to find their confidence and where they belong. I’ve been in Girl Scouts since I was in kindergarten since I was a daisy, and I’ve been doing it ever since, and I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful girls.”

Building courage, confidence and character is the root of it all, and it’s something they’d love to see more young girls get involved in.

“You can be a Girl Scout at any age. You can even become a lifelong member and you get to form, she said, lifelong friendships that you’re just going to keep using,” Chiana said.

“They are doing sports, they are doing theatre, so many different things that I can just be like, I can’t believe I met her in my life, and it’s really exciting. And, I’ve gotten to go to pretty big places, winning trips to California and things like that and getting to meet stars with my fellow Girl Scout sisters and that’s an experience I wish that every young girl could have,” Cheran said.

For now, though, you can support the girls, one box at a time!

“Come help support us by buying cookies! Buy your Girl Scout cookies right now! The raspberry rallies can only be found online but you should totally try our new cookie for this year,” Chiana said.

The girls said their goal is to sell 5,000 boxes.

Click here to buy cookies from Troop 8240.