Nearly $2 million worth of improvements are taking shape for three big expansion projects for the Community Healthcare Center.

Through local and private funding one new location will be alongside Zundy Elementary School.

Officials hope being on school grounds will allow sick students to be checked on a little sooner and more conveniently for parents.

“Once they fill out their paperwork at the beginning of the school year parents will sign a piece of paper saying that if my child is sick please contact me and then get permission to walk the child over to the clinic,” Chief Financial Officer Kristi Mccasland said.

The Zundy location is planned to be complete by August.

The second location will be at Vernon College where the old Carmike Cenimas used to be. That location is expected to be complete by November.

“There is alot of nontraditional students at Vernon College, and we will be right there so they can bring their kids in if they are sick,” Assistance Operation Officer Deedee Mckinney said.

“It is going to allow us to reach out into other areas of town,” Mckinney said.

Both of these facilities will be available to the public and will accept all forms of insurance.

Renovations are also underway at the main site to increase walk-in capacity.