WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Former Texas legislator David Farabee was honored at the Boy Scouts of America Americanism fundraising luncheon, taking home the Americanism Award.

Farabee, who served as a Wichita Falls City Councilor and six terms in the Texas Legislature, said he can’t think of a better future than if all youth were living the Scout Law.

The Boy Scouts of America’s Americanism award honors individuals who have taken the Scout Oath and Law into their adult lives and have shown great success both personally and professionally, and this year, the Northwest Texas Council said that is David Farabee.

“Americanism Award is always something – I always admired the individuals who received it, but I never believed I was worthy,” Farabee said. “I still don’t know that I am worthy.”

Farabee has sat on and chaired various local non-profit boards, setting an example for youths with his servant’s heart.

“I think of scouting as one more thing that could be included in a youth’s life, both boys or girls, so that they could camp and learn leadership skills,” Farabee said.

Farabee said it is important to keep scouting going for years to come, and one way to do that is through funding.

The keynote speaker for the annual fundraising luncheon, winner of the reality tv show “Kicking and Screaming” Terry Fossum, said scouting saved and changed his life completely.

“Scouting completely changed my life and my brothers’ lives forever,” Fossum said. “We grew up in the poorest city in the United States of America, surrounded by gangs and drugs. I was on the wrong end of an assault weapon in junior high in my back alley; when I was in high school, my father was killed.”

Fossum said if you have to choose where your dollar is going, choose to scout.

Farabee said he is honored to help raise funds and pass the mantle to the next generation so more youth can live the Scout Law.

The luncheon on Thursday, December 2, raised $45,000.