WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Many in our community deal with the effects of a drug or alcohol addiction, and that’s why some local recovery ministries are coming together to shed some awareness on the issue.

“For a long time, Wichita Falls was known as Meth-ita Falls or known for drug use being rampant here, and we are just trying to prove that it’s different now, and things are getting better,” Director of the Wichita Falls Sober Living Jessica Dean said.

Dean sees the effects that addiction has on one’s life daily, and while the journey can be a hard one, it isn’t one you have to fight alone.

That’s the message Dean and other local ministries want to send at their upcoming “Unity in the Community” event.

“Unity in the Community is an event put together by all the local programs, ministries and organizations that have to do with recovery,” Dean said. “This event is designed to bring awareness to our community and to the different avenues of recovery that are available here now.”

While the event will be full of resources and information, it’ll also be a fun time, with free food, entertainment and even law enforcement joining in on the fun.

Hope Ministries‘ Cory Nabors said seeing so many get behind this lets him know that this is needed.

“We actually went to First Baptist Church, and they interviewed us and guided us and was talking about the things we do in the community,” Nabors said. “It’s just so exciting to know that you have so many different organizations from different areas of our home to invest in the circumstances like this.”

Nabors said an event like this would’ve surely helped him back during his own battle with addiction.

“If we would’ve had more things like this, like Sober Living and Hope Center Ministries and people in the community involved a long time ago, there would’ve been so much more to reach out to,” Nabors said. “It was just like I had nowhere to go.”

Nabors and Dean said this is a safe space, free of judgment.

“Everyone in our office here, we’ve all been addicted, we’re all in recovery, we’ve all been to prison as a matter of fact, and we just want to encourage people to come out,” Dean said. “People that are struggling, people that are even questioning recovery, come out, pick up some brochures, meet some people.”

“I believe there will be many lives touched, most defintely,” Nabors said. “It’s touched mine. It’s touched Jesicca’s.”

Hopefully, the event will touch even more.

Unity in the Community will be kicking off Saturday, May 21, at 10 a.m. downtown at 7th and Austin.

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