WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — In the midst of the holiday shopping craze, a day dedicated to giving.

“Organizations like ours really rely on those who give,” Big Brothers Big Sisters Executive Director Dwayne Bivona said.

“They’ve gone out and gotten their gifts, but they always still remember to give back to the community, and it’s really amazing to see us come together like that,” Simon Welch with the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank said.

GivingTuesday is about just that. Setting a little aside to donate to those non-profits that make such an impact on all aspects of our community.

“GivingTuesday is just one more chance to make it convenient for people to say this is the kind of world I want to live in and here are all these nonprofits that are trying to reach those same goals that I have,” Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Jean Hall said.

From the arts, like the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra.

“So we want to say, hey here’s this need in your community,” Hall said. “There are these kids who need music education here are these ways you can change kids’ lives and here’s how we can make it easy to do that.”

To those who feed thousands, like the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, and its match grant program runs through the end of December.

That’s thanks to the J.S. Bridwell Foundation, Bryant Edwards Foundation and The Fain Foundation each pledging $25,000, pushing the match amount all the way up to $75,000.

“It’s larger than we’ve ever had it before, so that means every dollar that’s donated is going to get matched by another dollar and another dollar equals two meals. So you can imagine what that will amount to, and we just wanted to kick it off with GivingTuesday because it’s such a perfect opportunity to give back to your community,” Welch said.

Plus those who provide unmatched mentorship to youth who need it most, with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“We’d be grateful to those who give, but if you can’t give with money, we’d love for you to give with your time, and like I said, 12 kids right now, ready to go. All we need is people to step up and say I’m ready to do it,” Bivona said.

And with so many non-profit options in our area, you can see the impact of your donations almost instantly.

Case in point: the youth symphony orchestra’s upcoming Christmas Concert.

“People make donations and they want to see an impact so here you go. You want to make a donation to the youth symphony orchestra? Well hey, in two weeks come and see what this donation is accomplishing in these kids’ lives. Plus, what’s Christmas without music? And you get to lift your spirits with the sounds of the season, right?” Hall said.

Embracing the holiday season, by giving to those who give every day!

The WCYSO’s Christmas Concert is December 17th at Akin Auditorium at Midwestern State, more details can be found here!

You can also find ways to donate or volunteer with these non-profits: Click here for the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra, click here for the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, and then click here for Big Brothers Big Sisters!