WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — With inflation taking a toll on just about everything these days, local nonprofits like Interfaith Outreach Services are seeing the shocking rate of families needing help in our community.

If things continue to go the way they are going, Executive Director of Interfaith Outreach Kris Gossom said the increase in people needing help will only continue to grow.

“People are back at work, they are trying to make it, they are trying to get things going again since the pandemic, but now they are being hurt by inflation coming along, and we’re all struggling,” Gossom said.

It’s becoming harder and harder to stay afloat these days, from rising gas and food prices to rent increases, just about everything is costing more, and it’s causing more people to ask for help from places like Interfaith Outreach Services.

“We’re helping people sometimes move from an apartment that they’ve decided is too expensive for them,” Gossom said. “We’ll help them with a deposit to help them get into someplace affordable. Food is just crazy, it’s just going out the door; people are coming every single day looking for food.”

Gossom said while their nonprofit does everything they can to help anyone going through a hard time, it’s impacting them, too.

“We just wish we could do more, we always wish we could do more, but we’re just glad that we are able to be here to help people,” Gossom said. “I don’t think there’s a person in the world that hasn’t had a time when they’ve had to ask somebody for help, and we’re seeing a lot of folks, about 60% of the people we’re seeing now, have never had to ask for help before.”

As inflation continues to hit many people’s wallet, this help will only have to continue.

“It’s just a cycle: you’ve gotta have a job, then you’ve gotta get to your job, so you’ve gotta have gas for that, so that you go to work and make the money and buy the gas to get back to work, and it’s hard to see that you can get ahead,” Gossom said.

If you or a loved one is in need of help, you can find information on services provided by Interfaith Outreach Services here. To find ways to volunteer and donate, click here.