WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s deer hunting season in Texoma. Many hunters will stock up on the deer meat from previous hunting trips and let it sit in their freezer for a long period of time, causing the meat to potentially spoil.

That’s why Fill The Freezers is looking to take that extra meat off their hands and use it for a good cause.

“We started this campaign just to make a difference locally and trying to feed the people down at the Faith Mission and one of the ways we look to do it was to get our deer hunters, our local deer hunters to fill their deer tags,” Fill The Freezers Founder Brian Lemmond said.

Lemmond started Fill The Freezers after discovering a shortage the mission experiences.

“Faith Mission gets a lot of donations. One thing they do not get is they don’t get meat donated for their people and they’ll feed hundreds of people a day,” Lemmond said.

Lemmond’s mission is to provide 2,000 pounds of deer meat to the mission and so far he has received over 450 pounds of meat with the help of 4C Wild Games Processing in Archer City who prepares the meat before it is delivered to Faith Mission.

“We are firm believers in giving back to the community and our hunters feel the same way,” 4C Wild Game Processing Owner Jay Cooper said.

Cooper says many hunters find the service to be a win-win for them in the long run especially those from out of town.

“We have a lot of hunters that were very interested in it. It’s a way for them to manage their herd. We have a lot of guys from Arkansas that come down and you know they want to hunt the horns they want to take it back but they really don’t want the meat so this is a way for them to donate it and it goes to a good cause,” Cooper said.

With the end of hunting season just around the corner, time is of the essence for Fill The Freezers to reach its goal and give the ultimate gift to a cause that gives so much year-round.

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