Local pest control company sees business boom due to COVID-19

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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—Pest control is an essential job during shelter at home orders in Wichita County and Wichita Falls, and local pest control businesses are now seeing an uptick in calls.

Shoop’s Texas Termite and Pest Control have been hard at work disinfecting several commercial buildings throughout the city but the owner wants to remind everyone to stay as educated as you possibly can during this pandemic.

“We’re not in this part of it for profit at all, we are really trying to stop the spread here in Wichita County,” Owner of Shoop’s Texas Termite and Pest Control, David Shoop said.

Shoop and his team have been on the frontlines for the past few weeks, doing everything they can to combat CoronaVirus, after the Environmental Protection Agency added several chemicals to the list of disinfectants that kills the virus, and Shoop has plenty in stock.

“It has that Quasiary Ammonia in it, then we kept using it and when we have outbreaks like this or any type of sickness, customers can come up here and purchase this and everything that’s in that EPA list that I was telling you about is right in here,” Shoop said.

If you do purchase this disinfectant, make sure to follow this method to ensure the disinfectant is most effective.

“We tell them, put it down in the finest mist that you possibly can, typically one of those spray bottles like a Windex bottle but one that can turn to get a real fine mist and then we give them some instructions on how to make that go longer by adding a few little things,” Shoop said.

Shoops said for the time being they are only doing exterior calls and commercial buildings, solely to protect his staff and customers as well.

“We don’t want to expose anybody, I’m not saying that we haven’t because we take precautions and we’re fully suited up but we just have to limit exposure,” Shoop said.

Something that several people around town are practicing, and in the meantime crews at Shoop’s will be in full force fighting off this virus that has been wreaking havoc across the globe.

Now if you would like to purchase the disinfectant that Shoop currently has in stock, you can call the office at (940)-767-8811, or Shoops’ cell phone which is (940)-232-2689.

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