WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Since the pandemic began sanitizing has been second nature and a constant ritual.

A local pest control owner is looking to educate the public about sanitizing products.

“A lot of companies that make claims to kill COVID-19… some of them are effective some of them are not effective at all,” Shoops Pest control co-owner David Shoop said. “Consumers can do research by going to the EPA’s website and see which ones they suggest as well as what the CDC recommends.”

Shoop said you should look for products that kill at a microbial level such as Steri-Fab.

“We are killing germs and viruses and bacteria on a federal level, it’s regulated by the EPA and made for pesticide applicators,” Shoops said.

Regulations Shoop and Tibbets Company co-owner Matt Tibbets follow, in order to assure the job gets done.

“A lot of times there are chemicals you cant buy unless your a licensed professional, that’s where I come in,” Tibbets said. “We will do the disinfectant for you, stuff like bleach and wipes, that will do daily germs.”

A once or twice a month call that could help get the bacteria and viruses, you are missing at home