Local pharmacies running out of EpiPens, pharmacists recommend alternatives

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Texas is one of 45 states where people have reported problems filling EpiPen prescriptions, some having to wait weeks or being told that there are no pens at all.

The Food and Drug Administration says there are temporary, spot shortages of the drug used to treat severe allergic reactions.

In Wichita Falls, English Pharmacy reported it had just one EpiPen in stock Wednesday afternoon and they hadn’t heard of a projected date to receive more, but pharmacists say there are alternatives.

“There’s something that doesn’t have availability issues and it’s called AUVI-Q and it is available,” Kayla Steinly, a pharmacist at English Pharmacy, said. “It’s usually more expensive. It’s more of a modern EpiPen. It actually walks the person through and, like, speaks to you.”

The FDA says it is working to alleviate the shortage something local medical professional say is important, especially since so many children rely on the pens.

“It’s a safeguard if you have an anaphylaxis reaction to the injections an EpiPen will counteract that,” Steward Chapman, a chiropractor with Texas Medical Allergy Chiropractic, said. “Just as it would with your bee stings and allergies and different foods.”

Before patients switch to an alternative they should make sure they’re familiar with how it works. Doctors say different devices work in slightly different ways, and an emergency is the worst time to figure that out.

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