WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — For nearly 40 years the Harvest Drug and Gift team has been a part of the Texoma community, going above and beyond to serve everyone who comes across their doorstep.

“We started this business to serve and be involved in our community and become friends with our customers so we want to take care of you and get your medication and make sure it’s right,” owner Janet Beard said.

But unexpected winter weather can make it hard to do that sometimes.

“Well being a pharmacy and keeping patients well with their medications that they have to have like insulin or those types of things is a very important role we have here in our community so we make every possible effort to be open when we can in these icy snowy times when we have them,” Beard said.

Beard says they did have to close one day this past week for the safety of their employees, but when they close, they utilize other services like their drive-thru and allow customers to leave voicemails for urgent situations.

“Thank goodness that we have wonderful weather people who can predict these storms so we can get on the phone with the customers and patients and make sure that they’ve got the things that they need and we can start doing that a few days before the storm hits,” Beard said.

Making the decision to close during winter weather is never an easy one to make for this family-owned business.

“When we’re closed that really does hurt us because those bills keep coming we’re not a big corporation so I guess I say please come and shop whenever it gets to be better weather and see what we got,” Beard said.

Support a business that always supports this community.

If you’re tired of being cooped up in your place, visit Harvest Drug and Gift this weekend. They are having their 50% off winter sale through the weekend.