WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A local radio legend who has endured a painstaking journey after being diagnosed with cancer is returning back to his passion.

99.9 KLUR radio personality, Scotty Preston was diagnosed back in 2016 and has now been cancer-free for a year.

If you were born and raised in Wichita Falls then chances are you recognize this voice.

“I’m going to make your music marathon better than you’ve ever heard it before,” Scotty said while DJ’ing.

Scotty Preston, better known to listeners as Scotty P, began his radio career back in the early ’90s and just like any job, he had to work his way up.

“I started out in radio sales and then basically moved in from doing overnight weekends to being on your afternoon drive and having a lot of fun and getting to know Texoma, that’s the greatest thing, we have the best listeners ever,” Scotty said.

But it wasn’t until 2016 that he learned that he may be signing off the air for good after being diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.

“And you talk about something that will send your head spinning, I had a major operation and they almost lost me twice during that one,” Scotty said.

“It’s not something that you expect to hear, you hear about it all the time, and then when it finally hits really close to home, like your parent, it’s a completely different experience,” Scotty’s daughter, Paige Scherer said.

But his journey was far from over.

“And I mean it just destroyed his body, and then we get that, oh he’s good, yay he beat it and a few months later, about six months later, it came back as terminal in his lung,” Scotty’s daughter, Amy Stewart said.

“I would get in my head and I would start thinking about the things that I’m going to miss, walking my daughter down the aisle, grandbabies, and all that stuff and it got tough,” Scotty said.

After his surgeons performed a lungectomy he received some relieving news.

“Dr. Muhammad said, I think I got it all, and Dr. Redding said, you’re in remission, I don’t see any cancer whatsoever,” Scotty said.

A year later and Scotty remains cancer-free, allowing him to return to doing what he loves most, and said he hopes his journey inspires others battling a similar situation to keep fighting.

“Take it easy on yourself, honestly I was getting places where I would beat up on myself. Take it easy on yourself, let the little things roll off your back, trust in your doctors, and trust in the lord above,” Scotty said.

You can catch Scotty P every weekend on 99.9 KLUR, he’ll also be hosting the buy, sell, swap, and trade show Saturday mornings from 7 to 8 am.