President Trump has been very vocal about making changes or getting rid of the affordable care act and today, those who oppose the law are celebrating.
The legislation that was approved in the house has stirred up many questions and concerns from those who have Obamacare.
CEO of Community Healthcare Center, Allen Patterson said “For the most part, they are very grateful for it. I mean these are folk that probably could not have been able to get insurance in any other form or fashion, I think their main concerns are what are the options going to be and especially as it relates to pre-existing conditions.” 
Patterson said of the 16 thousand patients the healthcare center serves, only about 200 have insurance provided under Obamacare.
He said many of these people could lose part of their coverage, which Patterson said could mean fewer patients coming to the center.
 “Some of the major issues with the pending legislation have been addressed, it certainly didn’t address all of the issues that are associated,” Patterson.
And one issue that is still being debated is cost.
Financial Partners President, Kelly Fristoe said the health legislation will do away with penalties, people who do not have insurance are currently charged.
“We talk about the health insurance tax, the taxes on medical devices, we talk about the individual mandate penalty,” Fristoe. “The taxes that someone pays if they don’t cover themselves with insurance” 
13th District Congressman, Republican Mac Thornberry said since Obamacare is continuously failing, lawmakers felt it was time for them to start making changes. 
“The bill repeals all the taxes, it repeals the mandates, it repeals the one size fits all but it insures that everybody can get health insurance regardless of the status of your health,” Congressman Thornberry. 
Congressman Thornberry said if singed into law the bill would lower premiums and provide more choices, however time will tell if the legislation is able to survive the senate.