LOCKETT (KFDX/KJTL) — Around 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 4, the town of Lockett took a surprise hit when a tornado took a turn off of its predicted course.

On Thursday, local churches and community members came out to help begin clean-up.

“Well right now, we have food and drinks for everybody out here working, the people that are living here, just all them, trying to help where we can on that,” Pastor of Western Trail Cowboy Church Luke Morrison said. “People need to eat and they need something to drink for sure, especially since there’s no power or no way to cook or get water.”

One resident explained how the door to their shelter ripped off as the storm passed over.

“Uh, we just waited for a bit, and it started hailing, and then next thing you know, it just flew open,” the resident said.

Community members were not prepared for the damages they saw Thursday morning.

“I just seen this, and I didn’t think anything else was worse, but…” Maria Ramirez said.

Most of the town is currently without water and electricity, and city officials said these issues might take a while to fix.

“It’s gonna be months coming,” Wilbarger County Severe Weather Coordinator Cory White said.

Although the physical damages are extensive, everyone in Lockett got pretty lucky.

“There were no fatalities, a couple of injuries – one person fell in the cellar, sustaining a broken hip,” White said.

“We all live together, we’re all here together,” Morrison said. “It doesn’t matter who you are, what you are, whatever, because the tornado didn’t have any discrimination, for lack of better words, to who it hit.”

Many community members said although this was their first storm, this will be something they will remember forever.

For more information on how to help and where to donate, contact the Wilbarger County Sheriffs’ office at (940) 552-6205.