WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—It was a bittersweet day for one longtime elected official as she spent her last day as the Wichita County District Clerk. Patti Flores served as the District Clerk for the last 13 years, but lost her bid for reelection this year.

Flores worked in the District Clerk’s office for 26 years before she became District Clerk, giving her almost 40 years of service in the office, and as you can imagine she’s seen a lot of changes throughout those four decades.

In 1984, Flores hit the ground running right after high school, taking a job in the Wichita County District Clerk’s office.
She had no idea she’d be there almost 40 years later, and said she could not have made it without her coworker’s help.

“Luckily in this office, we’ve always had good staff I worked for Wayne Wiggins first, then Dorcey Trapp, and we’ve become like a family and just close-knit, everybody knows what they’re doing, they learn their job and they do their job and they don’t have to be micro-managed,” Flores said.

And through the span of her 39-year career, Flores fought several battles such as fighting to get higher pay for her staff.

“Salaries, I was glad to get that done, we lost a position and I rearranged pay for that so I was glad for that,” Flores said.

Or even battling to make new technology work, such as the new Tyler Odyssey Software Records Program.

“The technology I totally lost, I’m still having problems with the system but in time hopefully it’ll get fixed,” Flores said.

Flores lost reelection in a squeaker of a race to Leslee Mannon in the March Primaries, Mannon will be taking over in just a few short days.

“She doesn’t have the experience so so she’ll need some help and hopefully she can learn things and take the District Clerk’s office to the next level and have the computer systems worked out,” Flores said.

Although Flores is going to miss her role as District Clerk, she’s looking forward to her new adventure.

“Live life, I plan on doing a lot of traveling, unfortunately, my husband won’t retire for two years so ill have to wait around on him but I’ve got some small trips planned,” Flores said.

Flores said what she’s going to miss most about her job are the people she worked alongside all these years.
Mannon will take over on January 1st and of course, we want to wish Flores the best of luck going into her retirement.