WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Cruising, hydraulics, and a clean paint job.

“I take pride in mine and everything because this is me,” Ronde Nino said.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but over time, these classics look better than the year they were made.

With fresh paint and shiny chrome, Ronde Nino’s 64′ Impala is his dream come true.

“I had an opportunity to get one, and everything, I jumped at the chance. And like I said, it’s been an experience, and everything to get this to where it’s at now and everything. Especially in the lowrider community, you know welcoming me with open arms,” Nino said.

Cars built to one’s style. The custom interior and what’s under the hood brings the classic car scene together.

“I got this for my son, family it brings us all together,” Danny Hernandez said.

As few gather at Danny Hernandez’s shop, swapping car stories and making friends is a highlight of the scene.

“We just kind of pull something together, man where we can bring all our kids, our wives out together and take a cruise when we want to, picnics and stuff like that. Barbeques,” Hernandez said. “I’ve met a lot of people along the way from other car shows that we’ve been at. I still keep in contact with them, you know, a lot of people help you out with your vehicle.”

With hundreds, even thousands of dollars poured into these cars, Hernandez loves to show off his ride, and the impact it has on the community when car shows are put on.

“Instead of laying around at the house, you know, and not doing much, you get to get out there and check out all the vehicles, all the older model cars, even the new model cars. Once again, something to do with your family,” Hernandez said.

So if you see these lowriders cruising the street, give them a wave or a honk and enjoy the beauty of a classic.

“It just makes us a family and that’s the biggest thing,” Hernandez said.

Be on the look out for the next car show to see these cars in person!