With labor day past, campaign season is in high gear as candidates make a final push before the November election.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s re-election campaign is now underway as he faces democrat Mike Collier. 

Patrick’s on an airport tour across Texas meeting with reporters.

At the Wichita Falls Regional Airport Wednesday, Patrick addressed the lawsuit aimed to strike down the Affordable Care Act.

A group of republican attorneys general from across the United States are facing off in Fort Worth against a group of democratic attorneys general.

Republicans say when congress got rid of the penalty for not having health insurance those lawmakers made all of the affordable care act unconstitutional. Democrats disagree.

“I think Obamacare is on its last legs,” Patrick said. “Even the democrats who voted for it have figured out it was a disaster. You know, one of the best things we did in the senate, when I was a senator, Rick Perry did it as governor, we did not expand Medicaid. It’s bankrupting states, and it’s a tremendous stress on us, our state.”

While the President Donald Trump administration agrees with Texas’ argument against Obamacare, it opposes an injunction to stop the law right now saying that could throw health care markets into chaos. 

Northern District of Texas District Judge Reed O’Connor said he’d issue a ruling as quickly as he could.