WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Republican Shelley Luther and Drew Springer will meet in a runoff election for Texas State Senate District 30. Luther received 31.7% of the vote and Springer 31.83%.

An unprecedented special election for Texas State Senate District 30.

Just over a month after the Texas GOP nominated then-District 30 State Senator Pat Fallon for Congress.

So, less than 40 days later, two candidates stand above the crowded field of six.

68th District Representative Drew Springer and Dallas business owner Shelley Luther are headed to a run-off.

Springer spent election day trying to get voters to the polls and is ready to continue spreading his platform.

“Hey we knew when we got into this campaign with six people, that it was going to be tough for anybody to win outright so making the runoff we look forward to continuing to message to the voters of senate district 30,” Springer said.

Luther gained national attention for defying Governor Abbott’s shutdown by opening her salon.

Now, she’s looking forward to continuing to hit the road and doing more throughout the district.

“Thank you everyone for helping us get into this runoff and we’re excited we get to see even more of you and we will be on the road again,” Luther said. “Even though we put 15,000 miles just in a few weeks on our car, we’re looking to putting even more, and bringing this race home.”

Early on , the sole democrat Jacob Minter jumped out in front, but it was Springer and Luther who pulled ahead when numbers from a majority of counties came in.

But with both leading candidates finishing under the 50 % threshold, this race will be settled in a runoff election.

“Continue to build support and let folks know more about who we are and what we will do, continuing the conservative leadership we’ve shown for the last eight years,” Springer said

Neither candidate showing any signs of slowing down.

“All your support and everything that you’ve done with me so far,” Luther said. “I definitely won’t let you down and you will see me all around the district.”

The result are in, but this race is far from over.

Next, Gov. Abbott will set a special election date, stay with Texoma’s Homepage for updates.

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Republican Shelley Luther and Drew Springer will meet in a runoff election for Texas State Senate District 30.

Luther had a 31.7% of the vote and Springer 31.83%.

The seat will soon be vacated by State Senator Pat Fallon who was nominated by the Texas GOP to be on the ballot for Congressional District 4 in the upcoming November general election.

Neither Luther nor Springer obtained the necessary majority to win the election outright.

Governor Abbott will set the date for the runoff election. It could occur on November 3rd which is national election day, or a date to be determined by the Governor.

Candidate Profile – Shelley Luther

Shelley Luther is a salon owner in Dallas and resident of Pilot Point, Texas who most recently received national attention after being jailed opening her salon in defiance of Gov. Abbott’s shelter-in-place order during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luther also served as an educator for 13 years in Plano ISD, experience which gives her a unique insight to the needs of students and educators alike.

“I think we should get rid of the state-mandated testing and really get into the future of teaching and not have the teacher’s hands tied,” Luther said. “Give them more value and give them more input.”

Luther is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and in favor of lowering property taxes.

Even though Luther is new to politics, she feels she’s able to fill in the gap between the people and the government.

“I’ve been on the frontlines, I know what people have gone through,” Luther said. “What’s crazy is, I’m not even a politician but I was the only one that was able to get Gov. Abbott to change his executive orders and I got it to happen twice.”

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Candidate Profile – Drew Springer

District 68 State Rep. Drew Springer decided to throw his name in the hat for a new role in the Texas Legislature.

“It’s a diverse district, it’s got fast-growing areas, it’s got some that are actually declining in population, and, so it’s a great broad breadth of rural and suburban,” Springer said.

“I think I’ve got the relationships with all of the existing state reps, county judges, commissioners, mayors and superintendents,” Springer said.

Springer has served in the Texas House of Representatives for four terms.

Springer said his goal is to continue supporting the second amendment, protect life and reduce property taxes.

“Whether that’s MSU moving into the Texas Tech system or protecting Sheppard Air Force Base to make sure that their mission-critical training runs that they do continue to happen there in Wichita Falls,” Springer said. “I’ve been there, I understand those issues, to everybody else that’s new and they’re just trying to get up to speed with me.”

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