Officials with the Montague County Sheriff’s Office confirm the human remains found Tuesday two miles north of Bowie are likely those of a male.

According to Sgt. Jack Lawson, the remains were discovered by railroad workers from Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) around 11 a.m. on Tuesday on U.S. 287. The remains were 15 to 20 feet away from the highway, Lawson said.

The remains were described to be a complete skeleton, most likely disturbed by wildlife. Lawson believes the body had been there for quiet some time.

Texas Rangers and the BNSF Police Department were notified. The body is now at The Dallas County Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences for autopsy. Lawson said the sheriff’s office was already been informed that the remains are those of a male. They are expected to know the age and possibly a name in the coming days.

Lawson said the Montague County Sheriff’s Office has no active missing persons cases. The sheriff’s office has also reached out to the Bowie Police Department and Clay County Sheriff’s Office, but Lawson said neither agency had open missing persons cases.