WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls man was arrested after police said he attempted to solicit sexual favors from a 13-year-old girl in exchange for a vape pen.

Brice Nathaniel Boyer, 19, of Wichita Falls, is charged with the felony offense of online solicitation of a minor under 14 years of age.

Boyer was booked into the Wichita County Jail on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, on a $50,000 bond.

Police said they received a complaint from the parents of the girl on April 5, 2022. According to the affidavit, the victim’s parents told officers their daughter was involved in a conversation with Boyer on social media.

Part of the exchange concerned the girl buying a vape pen from him, and when she said she did not have the money to pay for it, he asked her what she would do for it.

The parents said Boyer said he would meet her at Lamar Park and give her the vape pen if she would perform a sex act on him.

According to authorities, the girl agreed but the meeting never happened because the parents discovered the phone conversations.

The victim told police she told Boyer she was 14 but police said Boyer said she told him she was 19.

The affidavit said one exchange between Boyer and the victim shows Boyer replying to photos she sent to him, “Wow not to sound like a pedo or weird or anything but your gorgeous.”

According to police, another exchange showed Boyer noting he was “slightly aroused” by pictures the victim sent him, but then he said “Oh wait sorry forgot your 14.”

Police also said Boyer asked for a “booty pic” before the planned meet-up that never happened, but the victim never sent one.

The affidavit said in one conversation Boyer threatened to publish photos she sent him if she did not show up at the park, but later when the meeting did not take place, he said he would not publish them. Police said the photos were not explicit or inappropriate.

When police found and spoke to Boyer on June 24, they said he first denied having a conversation, or even knowing the girl, and said his Snapchat account had been hacked.

Then, after police showed him evidence, they say he changed his story, and that he thought she was 19 and it was a mutual agreement to meet at the park.

Boyer’s only other arrest occurred in 2020 when he was accused of throwing a video game controller at his brother’s face, then flipping him out of his chair and punching him.

The case was dismissed after the victim refused to cooperate with law enforcement.