Man arrested after allegedly threatening to kill a police officer

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A Wichita Falls man is charged with retaliation after police say he threatened to kill a police officer and “put all his family in cement.”

Christopher Grantham, 33, is charged with retaliation and resisting arrest.

The officer was responding to a disturbance in the 1800 block of Tenth Street on Saturday and says he found Grantham at a small apartment complex yelling and cursing because a tenant had asked him to leave.

The officer said Grantham did not live there, and said he was not going to leave and officers could not make him leave.

The officer says he was talking to dispatch to get a representative of the complex when Grantham walked up to him and said he would put all the officer’s family in cement, kill the officer and the officer would regret the day he met him.

The officer told Grantham he was under arrest and said Grantham fell to the ground, and rolled onto his arms and began yelling that police were not going to arrest him.

After a brief struggle, officers say they handcuffed and arrested him.

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