Wichita Falls police arrest a man who they say chased and attacked a woman with a knife in Lucy Park.

It happened Monday night just after 7. Police say they received a call from a woman saying  a man was chasing her with a knife. 

When officers arrived at the park, they saw a man matching the victim’s description and arrested32-year-old John Michael Gomora. They say he told officers he spoke to the  woman but that he did not attack her. 

Officers searched Gomora and no knife was found.

When officers spoke with the woman, she said she was walking on the trail when she heard someone walk up behind her.  She turned around and saw a white male in a grey hoodie.

She told police that he swung a knife twice at her and that he cut her on the left side of her forehead and the right side of her nose. 

She said  she fell backwards and Gomora stood over her swinging the knife and she was cut twice on the stomach

The woman said she was able to stick her left arm up and defend herself and was then able to push him off enough to run away and call 911. 

Police say the woman’s story and her injuries were probable cause for arrest for aggravated assault.