Man arrested for allegedly killing his father in Marlow

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Officials with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation arrested a man from Newcastle, Okla. Friday for allegedly killing his father in Aug. 2012 after the case went cold for several years.

According to a release from OSBI, James Kyle Brooks, 37, called Marlow Police from his father’s home and said his father — Timothy Brooks, 52 — committed suicide.

After the man’s death, the medical examiner said he believed it was highly unlikely Timothy shot himself, but it was possible.

The case went cold until officials from the Marlow Police Department requested a special agent from the OSBI to review the case.

OSBI officials say they immediately began finding discrepancies in James’ story and figured out he had taken out a $500,000 life insurance police on Timothy.

The shooting, according to OSBI officials, happened two years and six months after the policy — which had a two-year suicide clause that would not pay out if the person killed themselves within two years — was taken out.

James allegedly claimed Timothy was cleaning the shotgun before the shooting, but officials at the scene didn’t see or smell and cleaning materials. 

Investigators also say James couldn’t explain how the shotgun was reloaded.

James Kyle Brooks is now in the McClain County Jail and is charged with one count of first-degree murder with deliberate intent. He will be transported to the Stephens County Jail for court proceedings.

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