WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Brandon “Brando” Curry has become the latest suspect to be charged with an alleged fentanyl-related murder in Wichita Falls.

Curry was already in jail on January 10, 2023, for a drug charge when the murder charge was filed when police say an investigation revealed

Curry was involved in the fentanyl-related death of MSU student Adam Sattler last September.

On September 18, 2022, police responded to Mustang Village apartments after a witness called for a welfare check after they found Sattler unresponsive and face-down in a pillow.

Police ordered an autopsy and the results came back showing that Sattler had marijuana and fentanyl in his system when he died.

The witness said that he was visiting Sattler on September 17 and they were going to attend an MSU football game. The witness admitted to consuming alcohol and marijuana together and that previously they had used recreational drugs including “Percs” which is slang for Percocet.

After the pair left the football game, Sattler and the witness went back to the apartment and then left together and went to Stoneridge Apartments, located at 504 Kemp Blvd. The witness stated when they got to the apartment he knew exactly why they were there as they had previously purchased Percocet from Curry. He said they waited in the parking lot for Curry and he sold one Percocet pill to Sattler for $20.

After the purchase, he said he and Sattler went to MSU to meet with several friends and then went back to the apartment. The witness said they fell asleep on the couch and Adam went to his bedroom.

When police conducted an interview of the witness on December 6, he said that he did not think that Sattler was under the influence while they were together and that Sattler must have taken the pill after the witness went to bed.

When police searched Sattler’s room they located drug paraphernalia that included two cut straws. Police say straws are used when the user’s preferred method of ingestion is crushing and snorting the pill.

Police received a forensic exam report of the contents of Sattler’s phone on December 6 and found a conversation between him and Curry that took place on September 17 where the two had arranged a meeting.

Curry was under investigation by the Organized Crime Unit of the Wichita Falls Police Department after he was arrested in a traffic stop and police said he attempted to discard a plastic bag that contained 37 fentanyl pills and 1 Alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax.

While Curry was in jail for possession, police said he consented to a search of his phone and they were able to find a conversation between him and Sattler on September 17. Police also found several months’ worth of other messages before and after September 18, where Curry discusses purchasing and/or selling Percocet. There were also several photos and screenshots which included images of marijuana, pills, guns, and large sums of money.

During an interview, Curry said he had read online about “Percs” while on Facebook and was aware that the pills killed people. He also had screenshots of news articles featuring people that had been arrested for fentanyl-related murders after counterfeit Percocet pills had been delivered and led to the death of a person. Curry also sent messages about selling in which he says the drugs “ain’t no play play kind of drug,” and told people to delete and limit what was sent in messages.

Police believe that these messages indicate that Curry was aware of the dangers of selling counterfeit Percocet and the severity of his actions.

Curry is currently in the Wichita County Jail on $850,000 bonds.