A man originally charged last August for intoxication manslaughter in connection with a fatal wreck in May has now been arrested on a sealed indictment for manslaughter.

34-year-old Danny Lee Garrett was first arrested two-and-a-half months after a man was killed in a two-vehicle accident at Kell West and Taft.

Police say Garrett ran a red light on May 2nd and hit a pickup westbound on Kell. They say he agreed to submit a blood sample which showed he was twice the legal limit of alcohol content.

He was however apparently never brought to trial. We do not know if the test results are at issue or why he has been indicted and rejailed. The sealed indictment is still not available.

On May 2nd at around 10:45 pm  police say Garrett was heading north on Taft when he collided with the pickup with two men in it.
Police say Garrett took himself to the hospital to be checked out but the passenger and driver of the  pickup had to be freed with the jaws of life.

The driver survived, but the  passenger, 33-year-old Brandon Eddington, did not. He was a 2002 Burkburnett graduate and father of two, whose family say lived for his children and singing in his church choir