WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A repeat shoplifter who had been barred from all Walmarts back in 2003 was caught once again in a Wichita Falls Walmart, tased and then tackled when the tasing did not stop him.

Samuel Smith, 38, has more charges of theft and criminal trespassing added to his rap sheet after police and store security at the Walmart on Central Freeway put him into custody when they said he tried to run out with unpaid merchandise.

On Tuesday night, June 14, police were called to the store, and the manager told them a security staff member had been following Smith through the store and watching him switch price tags of items.

Security told police that they saw Smith put various tools, a set of headphones and other items valued at about $268 into his cart, but he only scanned three beverage koozies valued at under $1 at the self checkout.

They said he then left the koozies at the checkout and headed for the doors. Security tried to detain him, but he ran to the doors, and the police officer came out of a corridor and tased him.

However, the taser did not stop him, and the officer then tackled him.

Police said Smith has 11 prior convictions for theft, beginning in 2016.

In one arrest in December 2019, he was arrested for stealing $180 worth of Hot Wheels at Target and told police they were his son’s Christmas present.