Man Carrying Cross Across Texas Has a Special Message

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A man on a very special journey made his way through Wichita Falls on Thursday.

He’s carrying a cross, which has him stopping at all sorts of crossroads to tell others about his mission and message.

“My name is Nick Moore, and I’m from Memphis, Texas.

I’m guessing we’re somewhere around the 130 mile mark.

Im headed to Dallas with this cross, Wichita Falls is about the half way point, I believe.

Im averaging about 10 to 12 miiles a day.

On average I’ll get anywhere from about 25 to 30 people a day stop.

Trucks honk at me all day long, cars, everybody. It stirs up a lot of attention.

People in general as the come along are really good to you.

The Lord provides people along the way, they want to help you out, buy you a meal up the road.

People put you up, they get you a room.

You kind of take the best you can get, there have been times where I’ve slept under a bridge or in a colvert.

But for the most part people really reach out and take care of you pretty well.

Jesus tells us to go to the people, and take the gospel to the people.

So we in the church are commissioned by the Lord to get outside the walls and go reach the lost.”

Moore says to truly commemorate the suffering and death on the cross of Jesus, he started this journey actually carrying the cross.

He said he only made it about fifteen miles when he realized he could not endure what he says Jesus had to on the cross.

To get more information about this long trip, click here.

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