A man suspected of numerous burglaries on Jacksboro Highway has more charges added to his rap sheet.         

43 year old Stephen Maxwell was arrested last month on burglary charges and police have now added two more.

Maxwell was arrested early on January 23rd when officers were staking out  a business where the keys had earlier been stolen.

They say Maxwell showed up and was arrested climbing over a fence into the property. They say he gave consent to search his backpack where officers say they found the stolen keys.

One of the new charges was for a break-in at Big Four Supply where  glass had been removed from the door and tools, laptops and a truck were stolen.

Officers say they found some of the stolen items in a room at the wayfarer motel and Maxwell is also now charged with the burglary of Miller Muffler where a window was pried open and alarm wires cut.

Several other businesses reported break-ins the same weekend. Police say Maxwell has admitted to each new burglary when asked. Maxwell has 5 previous convictions for burglary or theft.