Family and friends of Rocky Buckley, killed seven years ago, are feeling hopeful after the man who shot him, allegedly in self-defense, has been indicted for manslaughter.

That indictment is still sealed at last check, so Texoma’s Homepage cannot say for sure it specifies that shooting on Karla Street, but, on July 26, 2012, Buckley was shot and killed by Clint Thompson in Thompson’s driveway as Buckley’s teenage daughter sat waiting in his vehicle.

Buckley’s widow said he’d gone to Thompson’s house to pick up a cooler after they’d gone hog hunting a few nights before and Thompson shot him twice in the driveway.

Thompson claimed he feared for his safety after an argument. and a grand jury chose not to indict him at that time.

Seven years to Rocky Buckley’s family and friends seems like an eternity but now they have hope that justice can be served.

“When he was no-billed it was kinda like maybe this is the end, and now that he has been indicted it’s a new beginning,” Buckley’s mother Terrie Cribbs said.

After seven years of praying for a charge, Cribbs is hopeful for what is to come.

“I can just look at Rocky and say mama didn’t give up and that’s all I wanted to do, just justice for my son,” Cribbs said.

Similar sentiments came from Buckley’s widow Crystal Buckley Moer.

“To get the news that he was finally arrested is just something that we never really thought we would see actually so this is huge for us,” Buckley Moer said.

And after a rollercoaster of emotions and years of waiting for an arrest, Buckley’s family is hoping Clint Thompson will go to trial.

“We’re just praying for a conviction, I hope that he spends every single day in jail thinking about the lives that he just destroyed and shattered,” Buckley Moer said.

“I have forgiven Clint, I have had to find it in my heart to forgive him because God tells me I have to but I still want justice,” Cribbs said. “I want man’s justice, God will give the ultimate justice.”

Thompson’s bond was set at $25,000.

Thompson has only one conviction in the past, for possession of an unlawful weapon in 2007.

However, in 2017 he was arrested in connection with an incident of alleged road rage, in which police say he became upset with another driver, got out and pointed a gun at the driver.  

No conviction is recorded for that arrest.

Thompson is no longer listed in the Wichita County jail roster.

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