A 32-year-old man from Kansas is jailed in Wichita County in connection with an alleged commercial sex trade ring operating in Wichita Falls.

Aaron Bridges has a bond of $35,000 on a charge of trafficking of persons after charges were filed by the DPS.

A DPS agent reported he got information from a woman who said she was involved in a prostitution call service utilizing backpage.com to advertise for customers.

The woman said Bridges managed the operation and would drive her and another woman to clients around town.

Agents also found records of a traffic stop by Wichita Falls police which the woman says was made while they were on the way to provide sex to a person on Speedway.

She told investigators Bridges operated out of several Wichita Falls motels, and changed motels regularly to reduce chances of being detected by authorities.

She also said Bridges would assault her if she declined to go on a “call.”

Agents say they obtained receipts for payment by Bridges at several motels, which showed they moved from one to the another frequently.