A man who was placed on 10-years probation last year for injury to a child is back in jail, this time for numerous counts of sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child.

From the new affidavit, it appears the new charges involve the same children involved in the injury to a child case.

33-year-old Michael George Corey was booked into jail Sunday on two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and eight counts of indecency with a child by contact.  

Corey was arrested in 2016 after a child with suspicious injuries was sent to the hospital from Lamar Elementary School. An investigation led to the removal of three children from a home on Hawthorne Street, and additional charges against a foster parent for not reporting the abuse. 

The foster parent — Tammy Lynn Vaughn — was also charged with three counts of injury to a child. 

The children say they were forced to take quote “licks” with a paddle that had zip ties around it for things such as not completing sentences they were supposed to write. 

Police say Vaughn witnessed some of the abuse and was supposed to keep count of the licks. Officers say they found a piece of paper with the number 600 and marks as if someone was keeping count.

Exams at the hospital revealed severe bruising and swelling on the children’s bodies.

One child said Corey asked him if he could take 50 licks like the girl had.  

The charges filed Friday allege the investigation of those cases led to forensic interviews and the sexual abuse charges. 

The affidavit states the three children described sexual assault and abuse and they did everything Corey told them to because their beatings would be more severe if they didn’t.

The children also said Corey had a laptop on a coffee table playing pornography during the abuse, and police say they found the laptop and video.

It’s unclear from the affidavit why the sexual assault charges are just now being filed after Corey was placed on probation. 

Vaughn pleaded guilty last September to failure to report child abuse as required by a foster parent and received a year of probation.