WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A Burkburnett man gets 14 months in state jail for repeatedly driving a truck at a boy before plowing through a fence and crashing into a barn.

William Newman pleaded guilty in 78th District Court to child endangerment according to records.

An affidavit reads the incident took place on East College last April. The property owner provided police with video from a surveillance camera.

Police said a pickup is seen swerving toward the boy who was in the field, who dodged out of the way. The truck turns around and barely missed the boy again. Police said the truck accelerated toward the boy, missing him again, then ran through a fence and hit the barn.

Witnesses identified the missing driver as Newman and about a month later police located and questioned him.

They said he told them some children were fighting so he decided to let them drive his truck to keep them from fighting. One child was steering while he controlled the gas and brakes. He said the child may have served toward the boy and he corrected the wheel to keep from hitting the boy.

He said the child turned around and that he hit the gas instead of the brake and it crashed, and he got scared and left.

When told witnesses reported he was driving police said he again said a child was driving, but he admitted he was responsible for how the truck was operated.