A man accused of looking into a neighbor’s home may have gotten the worse of a confrontation when the resident came out to check what he was doing.
It happened just before 10 Monday night when officers responded to a call on Covington.
According to police the resident’s wife told him David Mendoza had been looking in their window with a flash light.
They say when the man went next door to ask Mendoza why he was looking in their house, Mendoza tried to choke him.
Reports say the resident ran from Mendoza and Mendoza chased after him.
Police say the resident’s  security camera caught the chase and fight.
It shows Mendoza chasing and pointing a knife at the back of the victim, then when they reach the victim’s porch  the victim spins around, and Mendoza puts the knife to his chest then begins swinging it, and the victim began punching and kicking Mendoza.
It then shows  the man’s wife separating the two and Mendoza walks back to his house. 
The victim  told officers he learned Mendoza had sent text messages to friends saying they could burglarize the neighbor’s house  because they weren’t home. 
Mendoza has previous convictions for theft and trespassing.
On Tuesday night he was still jailed on a $10,000 bond.