WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita Falls Police made an arrest after receiving numerous calls about a minivan driving around and shooting at pedestrians with a BB gun.

Hawkins Lynn Kipp, 29, has three charges of assault, for allegedly shooting pedestrians on July 25 and July 26.

Kipp Hawkins Wichita County Jail photo

Police began receiving calls early in the week about a dark-colored minivan driving around late at night shooting BBs at pedestrians.

On Sunday night police received calls about a shooting in which a man walking on Brook near Collins was shot numerous times in his back, chest, and rib cage, with two BBs lodged in his back and chest and a hole in his left rib cage. The victim told police there appeared to be three people in the van.

About the same time police talked to a second victim at the hospital who was shot while walking on 14th near Austin when he says someone in a silver SUV started shooting BBs at him and he was hit in the left palm. He said he couldn’t tell how many people were in the vehicle.

Just after midnight Monday police learned of a third victim who was walking west on Kell near McGregor when he heard a pop then felt a stinging sensation in his lower back. He said a small, dark-colored SUV with a woman and a man with orange hair inside sped off west on Kell.

After being shot, the man ran across Kell to an ATM to call the police.

While police were doing investigations of the shootings, a witness called and reported seeing a 2018 Dodge minivan driving down Kell Freeway shooting BBs at pedestrians and property.

The witness gave the license number to police who then began patrolling the area where the registered owner lived.

A vehicle matching the description was spotted at the intersection of Giddings and Avenue H occupied by three people.

Kipp, the right-side rear passenger, was questioned and police say he admitted to driving around at night shooting at what he described as “crackheads” because crackheads had stolen from him in the past.

Police said they found a BB gun underneath Kipp’s seat, with an extra CO2 cartridge and a container of BBs.